Use project requests, create request forms, setup automations and workflows, score and evaluate projects, and view Portfolio Planning reports.

Categories (6)

Using Project Requests

Articles about working with the Project Requests feature in TeamDynamix.

Project Request Forms

Articles about working with and managing Project Request forms.

Automation and Workflow

Articles about Project Request workflows and automation rules.

Scoring and Evaluating Projects

Articles on how scoring works for Projects/Project Request scorecards.

Portfolio Planning Reports

Reports available for reporting data on Project Requests.

Primary Settings

Articles containing information regarding configurations that would need to be made initially to get ready to intake Project Requests.

Articles (2)

Pinned Article Getting Started with Portfolio Planning

This getting started article will help users to understand the functionality and related configurations of Portfolio Planning using the TDAdmin and TDNext.

Mapping a Project Charter to the Project Details View in TeamDynamix

Provides an approach for aligning information from project charters into TeamDynamix so that project charter documents may not be needed.