My Project Request Has Been Approved, But The Project Is Not Showing Up In My Project List Or Management Console

A project, approved through the project request process, will not show in a user's management console for one of two reasons. Either it has not been staffed and converted to a project yet, or the project has not yet been activated. Projects created through project request may be set to inactive and must be activated by the user set as the project's manager.

If your request has not been staffed and converted to a project, contact the request's reviewer to check the status or enter a comment on the request's feed.

To activate an inactive project, the user assigned as the project's manager must:

  1. Navigate to Applications > Projects > Manage Projects.
  2. Change the search filter to include inactive projects by choosing Inactive or Both.
  3. Click the appropriate inactive project name link.
  4. Click the "Activate" button in the General tab of the Project Detail page.
  5. The project is now activated, added to your list of project in the Projects module, and added to your list of active projects in the management console.


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