Project Requests and Their Lifecycle

Project requests must originate from the Client Portal. You may notice that there is an option to create a new project request in the Portfolio Planning application, but this option will redirect you to a client portal.

Creating a Project Request within the Client Portal

A client user, as well as any TDNext user can access a TD Client Portal and navigate to the Service Catalog.  By selecting a service to request, assuming that service is tied to a project type, this will begin the project request process.  Here requestors will see any custom request form that has been created.  After the required information is added the request is submitted by the requestor. Please note that each section of the request must be marked as complete before the request can be submitted. i.e., clicking Save on the initial form does not submit the request.

  • Project Request Approval Workflow:

After the project request is assigned to the appropriate project request approval workflow (either by default or manually by the Evaluator) it then goes through each step of the workflow.  After the project request has reached a terminal step in the workflow, it is either rejected or approved.  

  • Rejected requests are retained in the system for reporting purposes.
  • Approved request then go into the existing pool of approved requests and can be found in the Portfolio Planning application.


Only project requests that have a status of "Approved" can be staffed.  Staffing is performed by any TD user with the "Staff all project requests" permission.  Once the project request is staffed it is then a project, and is no longer accessed in the "Portfolio Planning" application, but now it can be found and managed in the "Projects" application.

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