Managing Desktop Templates


A list of all Desktop Templates for your organization can be viewed in the Admin tool by locating Desktop Templates. From this page, users can create new desktops by clicking the New toolbar button, providing a Context and Name, and clicking the Save button. After this has been saved, users can then edit the desktop's content. The following section details configuration options for desktops.

Configuration Options

After a Context and Name has been provided for a desktop, users have more configuration options available to customize it as needed. These settings can be found in the Details and Content tabs for the desktop as specified in the following sections.

Details Tab

The following configuration options are available on the Details tab for desktops:

  • Name: The name of the desktop.
  • Description: A description of the desktop's purpose.

Content Tab

The Content tab can be used to specify which desktop modules are included as a part of this desktop. The Edit Layout link can be clicked to select the number and width of columns that are used in the layout.

The Available Content lists all modules that can be added to the desktop. These can be dragged and dropped into the columns before clicking the Save button to ensure that the appropriate modules are used in the desktop.

Deleting Desktop Templates

From time to time an administrator may need to delete old or outdated desktop templates. This can be performed by clicking the Delete link next to each unneeded desktop. Users can click the OK button on the confirmation dialog to remove the desktop, or click the Cancel button to prevent the operation from occurring.

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