Enabling Automatic Desktop Refresh

This article will help users enable automatic desktop refresh. Users will need access to TDNext to enable for themselves or TDAdmin to enable for others. 


Automatic Desktop Refresh allows a desktop to reload modules automatically after a set interval has passed. Automatic refresh can be set on individual desktops or applied from a desktop template. 

Personal Desktops

When a user has a personal desktop, they can set automatic refresh on that desktop directly from the desktop editor: 

  1.  Open the Edit Desktop page for the desktop you want to enable. 
    1. For most application desktops, click the Edit [Application] Desktop in the application. 
    2. For desktops in the Desktops application, click the gear icon, then click the desktop name on the Manage Desktops page. 
  2. Click on the Details tab. 
  3. Check "Enable Auto-Refresh"
  4. Save

Desktop Templates

When a desktop is applied through a template, the automatic refresh setting is copied from the template. To enable automatic refresh for a desktop template, follow these steps: 

  1. Open a desktop template in TDAdmin > Desktop Templates > Desktop Templates > [Template]. 
  2.  Click on the Details tab. 
  3. Check "Enable Auto-Refresh"
  4. Save

Once automatic refresh is enabled, if the desktop template is applied to users, it will copy the automatic refresh setting. If it's shared as a linked desktop, this setting will stay in sync with the template (like all other parts of the desktop). If it's shared as a non-linked desktop, the auto refresh setting will be copied from the desktop but the user will be able to change it. 


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