Create Ticketing Applications to collect and manage requests, configure workflows and automation, and view ticket reports.

Categories (8)

Entering and Managing Ticket Requests

This category contains articles about working with tickets.

Automation and Workflow

Articles about ticketing workflows and automating actions.

Forms and Attributes

Articles about working with Ticketing application request forms and custom attributes.

Ticket Types

Articles about working with and configuring Ticket Types in Ticketing applications.

Service Level Agreement (Includes Operational Hours)

Articles about Ticketing application SLAs.

Ticket Reports and Surveys

Articles on reporting on ticketing information and ticket surveys.


This category contains articles about understanding and configuring Ticketing application ticket classifications.

Additional Settings

Other ticketing application settings that may need to be configured or can be configured or, added to, if desired.

Articles (4)

Automated Ticketing Processes that Run in the Background

A detailed breakdown of the automated processes that handle various ticketing aspects that are able to be, or are configured out-of-the-box to be automated in nature.

Getting Started with Ticketing Applications

This outlines how to create Ticketing Applications in the Admin tool.

How to Access a Ticketing Application as an Application Administrator

This is a step by step instruction to access the Admin view of a ticketing application in the TDNext interface.