Get basic system-level administration items set up for your organization. Covers authentication, users and roles, Accounts/Departments, custom attributes, integrations, templates, email services, notifications, locations, and days off.

Categories (11)

Accounts and Departments

Articles about understanding Accounts/Departments and managing them in TeamDynamix.


Configuring custom attributes in TeamDynamix.


Articles about working with Authentication like SSO or LDAP in TeamDynamix.

Supported Integrations

Articles on different integrations that TeamDynamix currently supports.

Email Service

Articles about configuring and connecting the email service for replies monitoring and ticket creation.

Days Off

Configuring organizational days off for your environment.


Articles on managing Locations and their Rooms in TeamDynamix.


Articles about the notifications that can come out of TeamDynamix and how to customize them.

Users and Roles

Articles on getting users and their security roles configured and created in TeamDynamix.


For articles pertaining to using TeamDynamix alongside assistive technologies.

Configuration Export/Import

Articles on using the Configuration Export/Import feature

Articles (10)

Attachments in TeamDynamix

This document outlines the usage of attachments in TeamDynamix.

Configuring Self-Registration

This introduction article will help TeamDynamix Administrators to configure Self-Registration using TDAdmin.

How To Create An External Application in TDAdmin

In this article, we look at creating an External Application in TDAdmin.

Overview and Management of Custom Pages

This outlines the purpose of Custom Pages, as well as how to view them in the Admin tool.

TDX Configuration that Cannot be Deleted

List of TDX configuration that cannot be deleted