Exporting and Importing Configurations


The Export/Import Configurations system allows administrators to export configured Services, Ticket Forms, Project Request Forms, or Ticket Workflows, and then import them into a different environment, copying the configuration done in the original environment. 

Where to Find This

This feature appears in the TDAdmin interface. 

Navigate to the Export/Import Configurations page using this path: 

  • TDAdmin > Organization Settings > Export/Import Configurations 

Exporting Configurations

The Configuration Export system allows you to choose one Service, Ticket Form, Project Request Form, or Ticket Workflow to export at a time, and generates a file with the exported data. Follow these steps to export an item: 

  1. Navigate to TDAdmin > Organization Settings > Export/Import Configurations.
  2. Click New Export. 
  3. Provide a File Name. This should be descriptive of what configuration you will be exporting. It may also be convenient to add the current date in the file name.
  4. Choose the Type of configuration to export.  
  5. For all types except Project Request Forms, choose the Application that the configuration should be exported from. 
  6. In the Configuration field, choose the specific Service, Ticket Form, Project Request Form, or Ticket Workflow to export.
  7. Click Create Export to generate the export file. The New Export dialog will close. 
  8. Find the export in the Export Configurations table and click Download to download the exported configuration file. 
    • When you first export the configuration it may indicate the status as In Process. If so, the table may need to be refreshed once the export has completed. 

Importing Configurations

The Configuration Import system allows you to import a configuration file that was generated via a configuration export in TeamDynamix. As with the export, you can import one Service, Ticket Form, Project Request Form, or Ticket Workflow at a time. Follow these steps to import an item:

  1. Ensure that you have the administrator-level permission "Import Configurations", defined on the TDAdmin > Administrators page. 
  2. Navigate to TDAdmin > Organization Settings > Export/Import Configurations.
  3. Switch to the Import Configurations tab. 
  4. Click New Import.
  5. If you want to run the import in text mode, uncheck Execute. The import file will be validated for errors but will not update the system. 
  6. Choose the import file that you had exported. 
  7. Click Create Import to run (or test-run) the import. 
  8. Find the import in the Import Configurations table and check the status. If the status indicates Completed, the import has finished successfully. 
    • When you first import the configuration it may indicate the status as In Process. If so, the table may need to be refreshed once the import has completed.


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