This category contains articles on the service catalog features of the client portal.

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Pinned Article Getting Started with Your TeamDynamix Service Catalog

This getting started article will help Administrators to build a Service Catalog using the TDClient and TDAdmin interfaces.

An Introduction to Service Catalogs [Video]

This video will help Enterprise or Technician licensed users to set up and create a Service Catalog within TeamDynamix Client Portal.

Creating a Service for Requests

This how-to article will help TeamDynamix Administrators create Services in the Client Portal using TDClient and TDAdmin.

Service Custom Attributes

This how-to article will help Administrators define custom attributes for services. Custom attributes enable you to capture additional information about your service catalog, which you can then report on.

Service Offerings

This article describes how to create and work with Service Offerings. Service Offerings are a component of a Service, which include their own details, their own form and settings, and their own configuration item and relationships.

Working with Service Categories

This how-to article will help Administrators to create and modify Service Categories using the TDAdmin and TDClient interfaces.