Can I associate a ticket and a configuration Item?

Hi all, I am trying to associate a ticket with a configuation item using the API but I am not seeing a method to do so?

Am I just missing the option or is this not supported?

Thank you!

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Asked by Brandon Ferrotta on Thu 11/9/23 2:07 PM
Hey, I am having the same issue. I can't find any documentation about it. were you able to figure it out? - Christian Mijangos Xicara Fri 3/1/24 5:39 PM
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Mark Sayers Thu 11/9/23 2:38 PM

Hi Brandon,

Have you tried already using the POST POST https://yourdomain/TDWebApi/api/{appId}/tickets/{id}/assets/{assetId} endpoint to associate the CI by its ID with the ticket in question?

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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Hi Mark,

Sorry for the late response, have been out the past few days...I did try to use that, I can associate a normal asset with a ticket like that no problems, but when it comes to adding the Configuration Item, it fails and gives me a 404 error each time. That is with the same request on the same ticket, but just changing the ID number at the end from and asset to a CI.

- Brandon Ferrotta Tue 11/14/23 9:44 AM
In that case it does not appear there is an endpoint for this to happen over the API then. - Mark Sayers Tue 11/14/23 11:29 AM