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Pulling information on Child tickets from an existing Parent through API/IpaaS

I'm trying to build a workflow in IpaaS that involves a step where it checks a parent ticket, then determines the current status of the child tickets attached to it. However, this doesn't seem to be inherently possible. When pulling the ticket JS...
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Chance Binder Last activity on 5/29/2024 12:02:30 PM by Chance Binder

API section in the GUI

Would there be an API section in the GUI where one can setup the calls in and out or is it all back end scripting?
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Matthew Thompson Last activity on 5/8/2024 11:59:38 AM by Mark Sayers

API Body if/then/else

Are we able to use if/then/else in the Body of a web service method? I have a use case that I would like to use if/then/else to then do different updates on a ticket. I could create multiple methods, but would prefer to keep it in one if possib...
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Eric Haffey Last activity on 5/6/2024 1:53:48 PM by Mark Sayers

Traversing the Asset Tree

I'm looking into the possibility of using the WebAPI to traverse an Asset's relationship tree, specifically between itself and other assets
Based on my research, it is not possible to see or edit relationships between assets using the WebAPI....
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Harrison Fleisher Last activity on 4/8/2024 4:41:59 PM by Mark Sayers

Update room details using API

I'm attempting to use the API endpoint{id}/rooms/{roomId} to update a room. I am using Python for this request. Here's the relevant parts of my code:
data = { 'Name' : ...
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Justin Hart Last activity on 3/27/2024 4:40:07 PM by Mark Sayers

API Endpoint / Structure to Create a Ticket

In searching the documentation, I am not seeing an endpoint for creating a ticket (and the suggested structure for the body/payload).
Here is the nearest section where I would expect to see it:
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Robert Tonnies Last activity on 3/22/2024 9:52:27 AM by Robert Tonnies

Update Ticket Task PercentComplete via API

I'd like to be able to "close" (complete) a ticket task via the API. The documentation states the PercentComplete property is not editable via the API, and I've confirmed this in my testing. Is there another way to complete a task, or can this pr...
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Joshua Myles Last activity on 2/20/2024 12:57:37 PM by Brittany Renn

Web API Feed Update Does Not Work As Documented

The following endpoint: POST api/{appId}/tickets/{id}/feed is not working as expected. Although I can update the feed with a given message, it does not notify anyone when providing data in the "Notify" parameter as outlined in the documentation...
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Gerrit Brands Last activity on 2/15/2024 12:50:59 PM by Mark Sayers

Tickets API Responsible Fields

These are the parameters used by TDX API during ticket creation to set Responsible person.
Is there...
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Tamara Buch Last activity on 2/14/2024 9:01:56 AM by Mark Sayers

Clear or Force Updating the Required Type Field

We've implemented new Type categorization. We have a generic Type that we use as a placeholder for email intake. We would like our staff to always update the Type on the ticket after submission. Is there a way to force our staff to update this fi...
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Julien Rossow-Greenberg Last activity on 1/25/2024 11:26:31 AM by Mark Sayers

Can the API impersonate a user when using the special key-based admin account?

When using the API, I'd like to be able to impersonate a user when using the special key-based admin account.
Because our domain is SSO, there's not a way to get a user-specific bearer programtically via /auth/loginsso, so (for example) a PO...
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Craig Ghareeb Last activity on 11/28/2023 8:28:15 AM by Mark Sayers

Retrieving User Location from API

I am currently working on a workflow where I am hoping to send a notification to a specific group based of a users location. The issue I am having is that the it is not the requestors location that I am needing, but a users that the re...
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Tuscun McFarlen Last activity on 11/22/2023 9:29:19 AM by Mark Sayers

Can I associate a ticket and a configuration Item?

Hi all, I am trying to associate a ticket with a configuation item using the API but I am not seeing a method to do so?
Am I just missing the option or is this not supported?
Thank you!
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Brandon Ferrotta Last activity on 11/9/2023 2:38:28 PM by Mark Sayers

Adding an Attachment to a Project Request via Form or API

I'm looking for a method to add an attachment to a project request either from the project request form when it's created or via the API, and ideally, I would like a method to do both.
When I'm in the Form Builder for the project request form...
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Corrine Knox Last activity on 10/27/2023 9:29:12 AM by Mark Sayers

Getting an Email from a Person attribute

I have a form where the user selects an "affected account" which is a person attribute. Then, I have a workflow that needs to send a notification, and the notification body must include the email of the "affected account". However, the person fie...
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Tamara Buch Last activity on 10/25/2023 12:28:39 PM by Tamara Buch

C# Admin Authentication via WebAPI

Do you happen to have an example for how to authenticate to the webapi with C# using the BEID and the web services key? All the information I can find just shows how to do it with a user name and password.

Thank you!
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Mariah Rible Last activity on 8/4/2023 12:39:45 PM by Mark Sayers

What does GETting the contents of an attachment return through the web api?

Does this just return the text or information within the attachment? For example if I GET a txt file, does it just return the text within the file? Or does this download the file/make it accessible? I need to download PDFs from tickets for an arc...
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Troy Lopez Last activity on 8/3/2023 12:29:25 PM by Brittany Renn

Web Service Post string parameter is being passed with wrong time

I have a Web Service Method that is Posting to the tickets endpoint to create a ticket in another ticketing application.
In the header, Content-type is being set to application/json.
There are parameters set to hold the values from two da...
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Scott Williamson Last activity on 7/14/2023 10:57:29 AM by Mark Sayers

Web Service Post string parameter is being passed with plusses instead of spaces

I have a Web Service Method that is Posting to the tickets endpoint to create a ticket in another ticketing application.
In the header, Content-type is being set to text/json.
There are parameters set to hold an integer for ticket ID, and...
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Scott Williamson Last activity on 7/12/2023 10:31:12 AM by Mark Sayers

API Body Formatting

New to using APIs and I have a question maybe not for TeamDynamix but for another community. I have a Power Automate flow where part of the process creates a TeamDynamix ticket and that is all working perfectly. My question is, do you know is the...
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Kevin Beattie Last activity on 7/7/2023 3:57:42 PM by Mark Sayers

Bulk import/update API

We are starting our integration into TeamDynamix, migrating from another platform, utilizing the APIs. We were wondering, since the bulk import also updates existing assets, what is used as the primary key for making this decision when...
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Dante Stokes Last activity on 5/30/2023 1:20:43 PM by Mark Sayers

Card Color API

Can you change the color of a card via the API?
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Mariah Rible Last activity on 5/12/2023 9:26:05 AM by Brittany Renn

API to create scheduled tickets

We're not seeing how to use the API to create a scheduled ticket (I know, I know). Is that possible or could Mark put in a feature request for us? ;)
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Micah Cooper Last activity on 4/27/2023 9:19:11 AM by Mark Sayers

Receiving empty data from WebAPI when searching existing users

I am currently building a python script that integrates with the TDX WebAPI, but I've run into an issue regarding the /TDWebAPI/api/people/lookup (Lookup) and /TDWebAPI/api/people/search (Search) endpoints. When I use either of these endpoints I ...
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Harrison Fleisher Last activity on 4/25/2023 9:17:42 AM by Harrison Fleisher

PATCH to calculate a date plus 30 days

I am trying to use a Web Service to update a ticket once it is approved at a point in a workflow. I am able to update the status and create an "Effective Date" utilizing the "Modified Date" using the following code in the body:
{"op": "...
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Kevin Hull Last activity on 4/20/2023 4:11:46 PM by Mark Sayers