Roles and/or Permissions there role that can be assigned to users like "agent" or "technician" that can access TDNext and a role for everyone else to access TDClient? If not, is it just granting the user access to either TDNext, TDClient, or TDAdmin? For either way, how is it done?

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Asked by Michael Rodriguez on Tue 8/8/23 7:55 AM
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Mark Sayers Tue 8/8/23 9:03 AM

Hello Michael,

Access to the different interfaces of TeamDynamix, and the permissions you have to do things within those interfaces and applications, are controlled by two things. Firstly, your security role on your account, and secondly by the applications you've been granted access to.

A person with the "Client" security role can only access the client portal and the applications/sections available within it.

Then you have a handful of other security roles that all have the Technician license or above which can be used for provisioning access to users that need TDNext access (in combination with the application access that you specifically grant them).

I don't see your name on your school's implementation project that just wrapped up recently, so you might not have received the training on administration that those folks involved received. You might check in with them to learn the best way to administer user access.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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Hi Mark,

The department I am in ( Academic and Learning Tech ) might be taking over the license. There is currently a restructure in the IT department. I am tasked with building our instance once we acquire it.
- Michael Rodriguez Fri 8/11/23 10:27 AM
Ah so I think a formal training might be needed in that case for you and the other folks in your dept that might be managing TDX. If that isn't something that the current administrators there can provide I'd advise submitting a Support ticket so we can ask CSX about granting access to the training site so you can access our courses. There is also the site that might be helpful to you without having access to the more regimented training courses. I guess you can determine if what you'll need might require a more formal training than the content there on the "learn" site.

A Support ticket can be submitted here:
- Mark Sayers Fri 8/11/23 1:41 PM
Thank you Mark! I think formal training for the new agents/technicians would be great. If there is additional admin training, that would be great for me too. Our budget team member has reached out to Team Dynamix regarding next steps. If you can provide any assistance in the transfer, that would be great! - Michael Rodriguez Tue 8/15/23 11:26 AM