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Knowledge Base Search From Ticket Form

Knowledge base search (top right corner in TDNext) doesn't appear on every ticket form. Is there a way to configure KB search visibility for every ticket form?
1 Answer
Julien Rossow-Greenberg Last activity on 2/5/2024 4:19:37 PM by Brittany Renn

TDNext Asset Importer - Assigning Owner via OrgID

Is there any way to assign the owner through asset import off of a simpler field? It is nearly impossible to generate the format that the importer wants for owner by pulling data from other systems and I'd like to just use the person objects Orga...
1 Answer
Justin Rasmussen Last activity on 2/1/2024 11:38:13 AM by Mark Sayers

Is there a way to disable web service/API workflow steps from writing to TDNext feed?

Hello -
When creating steps within the Workflow Builder, there isn't any way to indicate whether to include step in TDNext feed - it defaults to include. This is an issue if your workflow has automation of sorts built in that results in many,...
1 Answer
Christy Geesey Last activity on 12/4/2023 11:28:39 AM by Mark Sayers

Notify Multiple Resources when Bulk/Mass Updating

When trying to update a number of tickets at once, either using Action > Update or Comment , it doesn't appear possible to notify more than one resource (Group, Responsible, Requestor, etc). Is this not possible or am I just missing something...
1 Answer
Jacob Gladfelter Last activity on 11/30/2023 11:03:17 AM by Mark Sayers

Roles and/or Permissions there role that can be assigned to users like "agent" or "technician" that can access TDNext and a role for everyone else to access TDClient? If not, is it just granting the user access to either TDNext, TDClient, or TDAdmin? For eithe...
1 Answer
Michael Rodriguez Last activity on 8/8/2023 9:03:57 AM by Mark Sayers

Adding Recent Feed Entry to Ticket Report

I am trying to make a ticket report that will include the most recent item to be added to a tickets feed. For example, In an on hold report, it would be nice to see the most recent item in the feed which would likely be why the ticket was put on ...
1 Answer
Riley Fay Last activity on 8/2/2023 11:39:51 AM by Brittany Renn

What is the "Notifications History" for?

I'm new to TeamDynamix, and I noticed a "Notification History" icon in the upper right of TDNext...

(The little bell icon.)
When I click on it, this window opens:

I've received email notifications, so I thought tho...
2 Answers
Daniel Zook Last activity on 11/10/2022 10:17:39 AM by Daniel Zook

Asset Fields

When you click on the CMDB tab in TDNext, and then click on Assets, you will be shown a list of assets (up to 300). I have an Enterprise user that is wondering if it is possible to add additional fields to the ones displayed when you click on As...
1 Answer
Mathew Chandler Last activity on 11/9/2022 4:21:39 PM by Mark Sayers

v11.5 TDNext search: multiple client portals

I do a search in TDNext and expect to see knowledge articles returned from two different client portal apps. I get results from only one - the default client portal app. Is this intended behavior?
1 Answer
Greg Van De Mark Last activity on 8/18/2022 8:54:17 AM by Mark Sayers

Adding Favorites in TDNext

Good afternoon:
One of our users has a "Favorite Services" tab in TDNext, and would like to add additional services to the list.
I do not seem to have this when I load TDNext, and I would like to know how to add the tab and how users can ...
1 Answer
Anderson Hanchett Last activity on 7/5/2022 11:31:19 AM by Anderson Hanchett

Security Roles and Workflows

I don't see anything about it in the Security Role notes in TDX, so I probably know the answer. Is there a way to prevent users from running workflows in TDNext but still give them the ability to do other things like edit tickets, assi...
2 Answers
David Mitchell Last activity on 4/26/2022 11:43:11 AM by David Mitchell

Desktop Organization Options - Custom Reports and Widget Filters

TDNext Question: As someone who has access to and processes tickets/service requests in two different applications, I've been looking for a way to unify information about tickets/tasks to which I'm assigned and actively engaged with. So far, the ...
1 Answer
Matt Voegeli Last activity on 3/31/2022 3:01:27 PM by Mark Sayers

Audit Log for Viewing Attachments on Tickets

As our organization uses TDX with ePHI bound by HIPAA, we have several protected attributes that we use. But attachments don't seem to have any protection functionality. Is there a way to audit in TDX who viewed or downloaded an attach...
1 Answer
Anthony Nave Last activity on 3/23/2022 9:36:21 AM by Mark Sayers

Restrict technician ability to Create/Set Parent

We have a role for restricted technician that only allows them to update tickets that they are assigned. However, they still have the ability on any ticket to create and set parents (Problem, Change) that they can then cascade updates ...
1 Answer
Anthony Nave Last activity on 3/2/2022 1:08:59 PM by Mark Sayers

Updating User with API causes loss of access to sandbox

I am trying to update a couple properties on a User object using the People API in the sandbox: SBTDWebApi/api/people/{uid}
I have a script that GETs the full User object, then modifies the two properties (cost rate, and default rate), and PO...
1 Answer
Jacob Ervin Last activity on 1/20/2021 1:05:51 PM by Mark Sayers

TDNext - Is there a good way to know if a ticket was updated?

When I am in TDNext, I don't see an easy way that a ticket was updated by the client. I know the ticket moves to the top of the list, but it doesn't show bold or anything.
Is there a way anyone knows, I can build a report to put on the dashbo...
1 Answer
Topher Rosenau Last activity on 1/6/2020 9:08:07 AM by Greg Van De Mark

Twitter and RSS Feeds

So Twitter no longer has the RSS feed option and they are currenlty rate limiting the site which turns your twitter feed into an RSS feed.
The reason this is an issue is that we have a section on our technician desktops that show ...
3 Answers
Denise Nelson Last activity on 11/2/2018 12:05:29 PM by Mark Sayers

Filtering Tickets

Happy Monday!
I have a question about some of the filtering attributes.
1. When it has the attributes service(s) and source(s) listed under the requestor section, is it only searching for services that the requestor has requested, and on...
3 Answers
Michaela Rolseth Last activity on 6/4/2018 1:57:37 PM by Michaela Rolseth

What is search in the KB search in TDNext?

When creating tickets via TDNext there is a KB Search in the upper right corner of the form. I was under the impression, based on a Question response I found, that this would search all KBs.
"EDIT: As of version 9.0, there will now be...
1 Answer
Mendi Benigni Last activity on 7/13/2017 1:32:27 PM by Matt Sayers

How can I edit project access for a Stakeholder in TDNext?

I have Stakeholders who need access to view details on projects without being assigned as Resources. We use TDNext, therefore the Client Portal visibility section of a project's general details does not enable their access. How can I enable the...
4 Answers
Heidi Wilhelm Last activity on 10/4/2016 4:30:59 PM by Heidi Wilhelm

Chart Reports

Is there a maximum number of fields allowed in charts? Somehow TD is displaying an "Other" field in my chart, but doesn't allow me to select it and show me the associated tickets. And if so, why? Please see my screenshot for an example.
2 Answers
Ron Vallejo Last activity on 9/22/2016 12:30:22 PM by Mark Sayers

Why is the same window used when opening two tickets or updating a task?

I am using TDNext and often work on multiple tickets at the same time. When I have one ticket open and then I click on a different ticket the window that was open is reused so I cannot see both at the same time. Similarly, if I have an update win...
3 Answers
Rosanne McClare Last activity on 3/15/2018 12:10:32 PM by Heather Fulton