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We have an area of the University that has traditionally leveraged the Portfolio Planning application to solicit project requests, but have never gone through the process of formally approving or rejecting the request.  We have now worked with them to appropriately status requests and convert them to projects to be managed moving forward.  My question is related to the requests from the last several years that have been managed outside of TD, with an open request in Portfolio Planning.  Is there any way that I can update these requests without triggering a notification to the requestor - ideally in bulk as there are a few hundred, but I can resign myself to individual updates).  My concern is if I "approve" a request from four years ago (that may have been completed four years ago), the requestor will be notified and will be very confused as to why this is now being approved.

Is this something that can be done via api, emphasizing that the notification should be suppressed.

Thanks for your help.


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Asked by Bill MacKenzie on Thu 7/13/23 2:30 PM
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Mark Sayers Thu 7/13/23 3:21 PM

Hi Bill,

As far as Project Requests go via the API, there are only endpoints for creating a request and for submitting one for review. We don't have an Edit/Update endpoint for them. Even within the interface of TDNext or TDAdmin there isn't a mass update feature for these unfortunately.

Possibly for a service the technical services team could modify them for you, but you would want to put in either a VAS request if you have purchased VAS hours, or else a Support ticket that might end up needing to go to your sales consultant to determine if such a request would require any sort of charge for the effort to fulfil it.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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