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Task Reminder Notifications

Is there a way to notify responsible of their upcoming task due date or task reminders in TDX ticketing system?
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Navjot Bhatoa Last activity on 7/16/2024 9:28:00 AM by Mark Sayers

How can I find where "Notify Other People" is stored in the database?

I'm looking under Projects where there is project-level data, such as "Percent Complete", "Comments", "Notification" and "Notify Other People".
From what I see, it looks like you can make an update to the project, and then add people to 'No...
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Kimberly Clapp Last activity on 4/25/2024 5:06:21 PM by Mark Sayers

Adding images to workflow Notification steps

Is it possible to add an image to the Notification email sent out via a Notification step in a workflow? We'd like the notification to include our logo and were wondering if it's possible.

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Erin Tramble Last activity on 4/24/2024 11:02:44 AM by Mark Sayers

Task Reminder Notifications

I would like to ask if there is a best way to send reminders for pending tasks on tickets. I am thinking of creating a report for each task that will list all open tasks of a particular type and send to the responsible parties if the tasks have n...
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Anderson Hanchett Last activity on 4/19/2024 9:40:54 AM by Mark Sayers

Reminder for upcoming Due Date

Hi all,
Can TDx send notifications to prime responsible of a ticket a set time ahead of a due date? This is so people are notified, let's say, 3 days prior to a due date.
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Damon Stennett Last activity on 4/8/2024 4:38:10 PM by Mark Sayers

Project Request Declined Notification - Comments

Hi There, on the "Request Declined" Project Request Notification Template, we include the tag "UpdateText". However, this only puts the default "(Person) declined this project request", and does not include the text entered as comment when decli...
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Bill MacKenzie Last activity on 3/19/2024 11:40:02 AM by Bill MacKenzie

Workflow Notification Step

Hi all,
Can someone please help me understand the what the purpose of the Recipient Role(s) selection in the notification step? Looks like it isn't required. Thank you.
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Michael Rodriguez Last activity on 2/21/2024 8:10:05 AM by David Tod

Primary group vs regular group membership - Notifications

Hi all!
Can someone explain if there is a difference between primary vs regular group membership in regards to notifications?
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Michael Rodriguez Last activity on 2/16/2024 1:18:24 PM by Brittany Renn

notification Templates

Anyone know how I can get the default notification templates? I made a change to 2, and I my need to revert back.
Ticket Created (Requestor)
Ticket Created (Ticketing User)
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Michael Rodriguez Last activity on 1/25/2024 9:09:11 AM by Mark Sayers

Approval Step notification

I inquiring about an Approval Step and if something is added to the description of an Approval step, if the description is included when the notification is sent to the approver?
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Mathew Chandler Last activity on 11/30/2023 11:59:59 AM by Mathew Chandler

Notify Multiple Resources when Bulk/Mass Updating

When trying to update a number of tickets at once, either using Action > Update or Comment , it doesn't appear possible to notify more than one resource (Group, Responsible, Requestor, etc). Is this not possible or am I just missing something...
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Jacob Gladfelter Last activity on 11/30/2023 11:03:17 AM by Mark Sayers

"Service request created" fields doubled

I was made of aware that when a user receives a notification via email room and location are doubled. We do not just these fields at all. Where would I edit this?
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Michael Rodriguez Last activity on 11/9/2023 9:40:57 AM by Mark Sayers

Custom Notifications

I have been asked to add additional information to auto response emails when a user creates tickets. Information is specific to services so it would need to be customized for each service that requires it. So along with the typical inf...
1 Answer
Michael Rodriguez Last activity on 11/1/2023 3:43:43 PM by Mark Sayers

Mass update project request status without triggering notifications

We have an area of the University that has traditionally leveraged the Portfolio Planning application to solicit project requests, but have never gone through the process of formally approving or rejecting the request. We have now wor...
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Bill MacKenzie Last activity on 7/13/2023 3:21:29 PM by Mark Sayers

Update to service request notifications

Where do I update the template for Service request notifications?
Also, can the link to the service request ticket just created only be present if the user can actually access the ticket?
For example, when an external requester submits a ...
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Sarah Glatz Last activity on 6/29/2023 12:44:10 PM by Brittany Renn

Notification Recipient Template Tag - Version 11.7

Hi all,
During the 11.7 Release Preview session I had asked a question about getting the TDX standard HMTL for the new "notified" section that was added to all non-customized notification templates. I have looked back at the video, release n...
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Taren Conley Last activity on 6/9/2023 4:08:00 PM by Brittany Renn

Custom Workflow Notifications for Non-Technicians

Hello, TDX Team:
I am working on a workflow that sends a notification to a hard-coded email address. The built-in notification step on workflows does not allow the addition of specific recipients if they do not have access to the ticketing ap...
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Anderson Hanchett Last activity on 4/19/2023 1:18:34 PM by Mark Sayers

Is there a setting to Notify Requester on Technician reassignment?

Could you please tell me if there is a current setting to Notify Requester on Technician Reassignment?
1 Answer
Will Tonkin Last activity on 2/2/2023 1:01:55 PM by Brittany Renn

Workflow Notification Step Recipients

Why is it that in a workflow notification step, the options for who you are able to send a notification to so narrow? Regular ticket notification options are quite robust and I don't understand why an entirly different notification method was dev...
1 Answer
Carl Amlin Last activity on 1/20/2023 9:47:06 AM by Mark Sayers

Hard-Coding Email Address into Web Service Method

I am attempting to use a Web Service Method to send an email to a third-party email address (hard-coded, it will always be the same address). I have started the method using the steps found at
2 Answers
Anderson Hanchett Last activity on 12/7/2022 11:05:04 PM by Anderson Hanchett

Pausing Alert / Notifications During Vacation

Hi there,
Trying to see if there is a way for a TDNext user to pause the ticket notification emails sent to them while they are on vacation? So far no luck. What is the recommended process for doing this? Is it controllable by the user or is ...
1 Answer
Damon Stennett Last activity on 10/5/2022 4:32:07 PM by Mark Sayers

Resending Notification Step in Workflows

Is it possible to manually resend a notification that has already been sent in a workflow?
Ex. If a user was originally sent a notification but they deleted it, or did not get it for some reason. In that case, we would like to 'resend' the n...
1 Answer
Nathan Ignatz Last activity on 6/20/2022 4:29:45 PM by Mark Sayers

iPaaS Send Form Notification

iPaaS is very new to me. Has anyone used the Send Form step in iPaaS? I've read the KB articles on it and sending notifications, but I have not figured this out yet. I'm attempting to configure the Custom SMTP notification method, but I am real...
1 Answer
Monica Crawford Last activity on 5/10/2022 5:40:41 PM by Carrie Willis

Notification to Users with Same "Reports To" Attrib

Is there a good way to generate a notification via workflow to all users with the same manager (reports to)?

It's easy to send a notification to a user's manager but not the other way around.
Let me know if there is a smart way to do thi...
1 Answer
Naomi Langston Last activity on 4/7/2022 1:29:03 PM by Mark Sayers