Setting Parent ticket using Web Service Methods in Workflow


I am attempting to create a workflow in which tickets are created and the original ticket that the workflow is applied to is set as the parent of the newly created tickets. It appears that the ParentID attribute cannot be edited, and thus the steps foundin the KB article at are incorrect.

I wanted to ask if there is a way to dynamically input parameters using the POST{appId}/tickets/{id}/children method to set the newly created tickets as children of the original tickets, or would the parameters have to manually be input into the URL?

Thank you.

Tags workflow parent-child web-service child-tickets
Asked by Anderson Hanchett on Fri 1/6/23 1:18 PM
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Mark Sayers Fri 1/6/23 1:51 PM

Hello Anderson,

I just tested a ticket create via the POST https://TDXdomainHere/TDWebapi/API/{{appID}}/tickets endpoint and it does for sure work to allow you to set a value for the ParentID property upon ticket creations. Please go ahead and test or post the results of your latest attempt if you are encountering errors with the full body of what was sent and the endpoint URL you POSTed it to.

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Thank you, Mark:

I have tested my method and got it to work. I had been using the production URL but was testing in Sandbox. All is well.

Thank you.
- Anderson Hanchett Fri 1/6/23 4:59 PM