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Reporting on Open Child Tickets

In case I'm missing it, is there a way to report on only active or open child tickets of a parent? I want to query for a subset of releases and see at a glance how many of them still have child tickets that have not been resolved/closed/cancelled...
1 Answer
Will Schultze Last activity on 1/22/2024 10:01:07 AM by Brittany Renn

Ticket linking and/or classification creation

I've seen some answers here that indicate that you cannot link tickets that are of the same classification, and you cannot add new classifications. However these answers are around half a decade old. Has there been any changes related to this? Ou...
1 Answer
Nick Taylor Last activity on 1/13/2023 3:32:49 PM by Brittany Renn

Setting Parent ticket using Web Service Methods in Workflow

I am attempting to create a workflow in which tickets are created and the original ticket that the workflow is applied to is set as the parent of the newly created tickets. It appears that the ParentID attribute cannot be edited, and t...
1 Answer
Anderson Hanchett Last activity on 1/6/2023 1:51:31 PM by Mark Sayers

Restrict technician ability to Create/Set Parent

We have a role for restricted technician that only allows them to update tickets that they are assigned. However, they still have the ability on any ticket to create and set parents (Problem, Change) that they can then cascade updates ...
1 Answer
Anthony Nave Last activity on 3/2/2022 1:08:59 PM by Mark Sayers