Using Web Services to Create a Child Ticket

This how-to article will help administrators to create a ticket within TeamDynamix from another ticket’s workflow. This is not intended for a Parent/Child relationship but looking at creating a secondary ticket within a workflow. The user must have the Admin or App Admin permissions.


This article serves as an example of adding a ticket workflow step that will create a child ticket. This could be used to do something like for an offboarding or onboarding an employee. The main tickets covers certain pieces but a child ticket might be needed to assign it to another team or area to work separately.

Learn more about setting up and using web service steps.

Creating the Web Service Method

To start, follow steps 1-7 of the create a second ticket instructions. Then, when you get to the Create the Web Service Method step, follow the instructions below.


Make sure that this method is only used for tickets of the correct classification. If you use this workflow on an incident, for example, the ParentID field will be ignored because incidents cannot have child tickets.

To create a second ticket workflow that will create a child ticket:

  1. In TDAdmin, click Applications in the left navigation.
  2. Click the Name of the Ticketing application you want to add this workflow step to.
  3. Click Workflow Web Services in the left navigation, then click Web Service Methods.
  4. Click the +New button.
  5. On the New Web Service page, enter a Name for the method. This name will show up in the workflow builder.
  6. In the Web Service Provider field, enter the web service provider you've already defined.
  7. Put the following in the Body:
    1. {
      "TypeID":[FIXME Ticket Type ID],
      "Classification":[FIXME Classification ID],
      "Title":"Example ticket title",
      "Description":"Created from ticket {{OrigTicketID}}",
      "AccountID":[FIXME Acct/Dept ID],
      "SourceID":[FIXME Source ID],
      "StatusID":[FIXME Status ID],
      "PriorityID":[FIXME Status ID],
      "RequestorUID":"[FIXME Requestor UID]"


Replace each of the “[FIXME”] sections with the appropriate ID.

Ensure that the classification you set is an appropriate child classification for the parent tickets that will use this workflow.

8. Authentication – Select your TeamDynamix web service account.

9. Click the Save button.

Testing the Method

You will need a ticket ID number to use for testing.

To test the new method, in the web service:

  1. Click the Test Request button.
  2. In the OrigTicketId column, enter any number
  3. Click the Send button
  4. Verify the output

This web service method can now be included in a ticket workflow to create child tickets. Learn more about adding a web service step to a workflow.


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