Adding/Modifying/Deleting TDX Administrators

This introduction article will help users to understand administrative capabilities as well as add/remove/modify administrators and their permissions at the organizational level using TDAdmin. The user must be an organization Administrator.


Organization administrators have access to a separate TDAdmin application in which they can make various organization-level configuration changes. Organization admins have permissions to make most kinds of organization-level changes in the TDAdmin application, but some actions are governed via Admin Permissions, per administrator.

Where to Find This

This feature appears in the TDAdmin interface.

Navigate to TDAdmin following these paths:

Using TeamDynamix Administrators

Adding Administrators

Clients often ask, "How do I grant access to the administrator application to someone in my organization?" Users are typically assigned a security role titled Administrator, Enterprise or Full Access, thinking that this will also grant access to the administrator application or TDAdmin.

It is important to first understand what a TeamDynamix administrator is. TeamDynamix administrators are users who have access to a separate TDAdmin application to make administrative changes for their entire organization.

New administrators must be added through the organization detail page by a current administrator who has permission to add administrators.

To add new administrators:

  1. In TDAdmin, click the Administrators tab in the Organization Detail page.
  2. Click the Add Admin button.
  3. You may now add new administrators for your organization, thus giving them access to the TDAdmin application. Please note that you will need to know the user's TeamDynamix username, and it must be entered exactly to be granted administrator access.
  4. Once you’ve entered the Username, select the permissions this person should be granted. For a full list of the available permissions look at the “Understanding Administrator Permissions” section below.

If you do not see the Add Admin button, your administrator account does not have the permission to add new administrators for the organization. You will need to contact your other administrators to see if they have this access and can give it to you. Otherwise, you will need to contact TeamDynamix so that they can help provide this level of access to your account.

Editing an Administrator

To edit administrators' permissions:


  1. In TDAdmin, click the Administrators tab on the Organization Detail page.
  2. Click the Name link of the administrator you’d like to edit.
  3. Edit the required and optional details as desired.
  4. Click the Save button.

Deleting an Administrator

To delete administrators' admin access:


  1. In TDAdmin, click the Administrators tab in the Organization Detail page.
  2. Click the Delete link next to the name of the administrator you’d like to delete.
  3. Click OK to confirm the deletion.

Understanding Administrator Permissions

The TeamDynamix administrator permissions are different than the ones defined in the Security Roles section of your TeamDynamix environment. Administrator permissions determine which actions can be performed by TeamDynamix administrators in the TDAdmin application. Permissions granted via security roles determine which actions can be taken by users in the TDNext or TDClient applications. Any Administrator Security Role will therefore not apply to TDAdmin users.


TeamDynamix administrators can have any combination of the following permissions:


  • Activate/Deactivate Users – Activate or deactivate users.
  • Add BE Administrators – Add new administrators.
  • Delete BE Administrators – Delete administrators.
  • Edit BE Administrators – Modify the permissions of any organizational TeamDynamix administrator.
  • Backup Briefcase Files – Backup and download project briefcases as a ZIP file.
  • Delete Projects – Delete any project.
  • Delete Tickets – Delete any ticket.
  • Modify Authentication Settings – Modify authentication entries.
  • Can Create/Modify Attribute Protections – Modify attribute protections.
  • *Create/Modify Unsanitized HTML Modules – Create and modify unsanitized HTML desktop modules.


*The only way to be granted the TDAdmin administrator Create/Modify Unsanitized HTML Modules permission is to specifically enter a support request or implementation project issue for it. TeamDynamix must grant this permission on an admin-by-admin basis. This is because an unsanitized HTML module on a client portal home page has the potential to be able to include scripting or code that can cause the page to break if the designer of the module is not careful. We want to be sure that this is understood in every case where this permission is granted.

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