How do I give someone in my organization access to the administrator (TDAdmin) application?

Many times clients will give their users a security role titled "Administrator" or "Enterprise" or "Full Access" thinking that this will also grant access to the administrator application (TDAdmin).

It is important to first understand what a TeamDynamix administrator is. TeamDynamix administrators are users who have access to a separate TDAdmin application to make administrative changes for their entire organization.

New administrators must be added through the organization detail page by a current administrator who themselves have permission to add administrators.

To do this, a current administrator who can add new administrators would:

  1. Open the TDAdmin application. In TDNext, select the Waffle Icon to display your list of available applications. Select the Admin application to open TDAdmin.
  2. Once the Admin application opens, click on the Administrators tab to view the current list of Admins.
  3. In this page, click the Add Admin button. You may now add new adminstrators for your organization, thus giving them access to the TDAdmin application. Please note, you will need to know the user's TeamDynamix username and it must be entered exactly in order to be given Admin access.

    If you do not see the Add Admin button, your administrator account does not have the permission to add new administrators for the organization. You will need to contact your other administrators to see if they have this access and can give it to you. Otherwise you will need to contact TeamDynamix so that they can help provide this level of access to your account.
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