Ticket Overview


Tickets in TeamDynamix are used by technicians to restore service to users who have experienced issues (incident management), fulfill service requests and/or handle problem/change/release management.

One of the most common uses cases is incident management. When an incident occurs, users are able to submit service requests in the Client Portal for assistance from a technician. If configured correctly, a ticket will be created for the request in one of the organization's ticketing applications. This ticket can then be processed by a technician to ensure the request gets a response. Depending on the type of issue encountered, technicians are able to change the classification of the ticket as needed. See the Related Articles section for more information on ticket classifications.

It is also worth noting that Service Level Agreements can be configured for the tickets. This puts a timeline on the ticket so that technicians have deadlines for responding to the requestor and restoring service. SLAs help to ensure that service interruption is restored as soon as possible while conveying this information to the requestor.


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