Resolve by SLA Not Met


With this report, your technicians can view tickets that they own, either at the individual or group level where the Resolve by portion of the SLA has not been met. 

Creating and Configuring the Report

  1. Click the +Report button
  2. Choose Ticket Report from the list of options

Name and Description

  1. Be clear when entering the name and description of your reports, as you want the purpose of the report to be clear to your team.
    • For this example, you can type a name of My Tickets - Resolve by SLA Not Met and a description of your choosing.

Select the Columns for your report

  1. For this report, you can leave the defaults columns unless there is more information you want to see in the report.

Add filtering to your report

  1. Set the following filter configurations:
    • Select the Prim Resp (select yourself, or the technician you would like to view)
    • Resp Group (choose any groups you or the technician belong to)
    • SLA Resolve by Violated (is true)
  2. For this report,you will need to apply advanced filtering of (1 OR 2) AND 3

This will get all tickets if either the Prim Resp OR Resp Group meet the appropriate criteria and if the SLA Resolve by Violated is true. When you run your report, you will end up with ALL tickets where the Resolve by SLA was violated. 

Resolve by SLA Violated Report Filters

Additional Recommendations

You will probably want to add an additional filter of Status or Status Class if you want to look at only open tickets that still require action. If you are reporting on historical data, you should add Status or Status Class to filter on closed tickets.


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