Top 5 Incidents/Ticket Types


With this report, you would provide your team with the top 5 incident or ticket types.  This report is useful for members of leadership as well as Service Owners.

The body of your report

Name and describe your report

  1.  Be clear in your name and descriptions of reports as you want the purpose of the report to be clear to your team.

Report Name
Select the Columns for your report

  1. For this report, we want to see the Type and Ticket Count

Report Columns

Add filtering to your report

1. This depends on your need, but you most likely want to report on only a specific period of time, not all tickets ever. For example, you want to look at all top ticket types year to date. You may want to consider adding filtering based on Status as well. If you have cancelled tickets, that may not be useful data to provide in this report.

Report Filters

Order your report and Set the number of rows to retrieve

1. Order your report by Ticket Count - Descending to see the top Types at the top of the report.

2. Since you have named your report "Top 5" choose 5 rows.

Finally, add a chart


Once your report is complete, you will be able to show your leadership team the top 5 most common ticket types and how many tickets are associated with each ticket type, as shown below. This data is useful when determining resources needed.

Report Grid


Pie Chart




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