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Can TDx send notifications to prime responsible of a ticket a set time ahead of a due date? This is so people are notified, let's say, 3 days prior to a due date. 


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Asked by Damon Stennett on Mon 4/8/24 4:33 PM
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Mark Sayers Mon 4/8/24 4:38 PM

Hello Damon,

Not natively, however you can create reports that look for tickets where the Due date is less than or equal to the run date + 3 days (or whatever), and Due date is greater than or equal to the run date plus 0 days.

This will get you a range looking for tickets with a due date between the run date and X days in the future, and combined with other filters like responsible group or Prim Resp = [Current user] or whatever you can locate those tickets for that person/group that are coming due soon.

Then you can configure that report to deliver to them on a set frequency so they can see their tickets coming due in the near future by looking at that delivered report from their emails.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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