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Reminder for upcoming Due Date

Hi all,
Can TDx send notifications to prime responsible of a ticket a set time ahead of a due date? This is so people are notified, let's say, 3 days prior to a due date.
1 Answer
Damon Stennett Last activity on 4/8/2024 4:38:10 PM by Mark Sayers

Due Dates vs SLAs

We are looking to implement 15-day due dates for Software and Hardware type tickets and report on overdue tickets.
I would like to ask the community if it in their experience it is better to use SLAs based on type or add due dates to ticketin...
1 Answer
Anderson Hanchett Last activity on 1/10/2024 12:34:31 PM by Brittany Renn

Update Ticket Due Dates in Bulk

Hi - Is there a way to update the due dates of tickets in bulk? We were able to due to this our last help desk, but I cannot find a way to do it here. We have almost 100 tickets where we need to push the due date due to business need.
Thank ...
1 Answer
Corey Witt Last activity on 3/3/2023 10:32:14 AM by Mark Sayers