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I have a form that is calling multiple flows, one for the initiation of values and several others depending on the states of fields within the form.  For some reason the Conditions Flow Secret keeps resetting itself back to it's original secret, after copying the secret from one of the flows (which appear to all have the same secret).  Am I doing things correctly, or should I generate a secret in the form and copy that to all of the flows?  The only exception being the one, Submission Flow, which does not ever seem to have a problem staying synch'ed.

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Asked by Jim Lucas on Tue 3/19/24 1:37 PM
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Mark Sayers Tue 3/19/24 1:41 PM

Hi Jim,

Is this something you're working on with an implementation team specialist?

If no, can you advise which form it is that you're referring to, and which flow(s) are executed from that form?

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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Hi Mark, yes I am working with an implementation team specialist. I just wanted to ask here because I wasn't sure I was understanding documentation correctly. Also worth noting, the form was a copy of an earlier version, not made from scratch. It seems stable now, but I cannot figure out exactly what is triggering the change.

- Jim Lucas Wed 3/20/24 8:58 AM

I'm pretty sure I figured this out. We had a production form with one big conditions flow (we originally only had licenses for 5 flows). We since have upgraded to unlimited flows so I wanted to break up some of the dynamic changes to the form into multiple flows, but I had made a copy of the original form and slowly modified it as I built these new flows. However, the copy still had linkage to the original flow which had a different secret than the new flows. It appears that, even though this flow was no longer in use on the copy, periodically, the secret for that flow would get transferred over to the copy of the original form. I have since removed the flow access group that linked these and I suspect that this problem will go away.

Does that make sense?

- Jim Lucas Wed 3/20/24 11:54 AM
Hi Jim -

This does make sense. Can you keep me updated on whether or not the problem persists after making that change?
- Jordyn Mancini Thu 3/21/24 11:19 AM

I think that fixed it!

- Jim Lucas Thu 3/21/24 2:48 PM
It is still reverting to the old secret. I also found some old condition steps that were disabled but still linked to the original flow. I have since removed them and will try again. - Jim Lucas Fri 3/22/24 2:33 PM