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These are the parameters used by TDX API during ticket creation to set Responsible person.

Is there any way to create a ticket using ResponsibleFullName and/or ResponsibleEmail instead of ResponsibleUid? If I send the call with ResponsibleUid, it works as expected. If I use one or both of ResponsibleFullName and ResponsibleEmail, it creates the ticket, but the Responsible field is blank. 

How can I create a ticket with the API if I just have a user's email and name? What are the ResponsibleFullName and ResponsibleEmail parameters for if they don't do anything?  

Thanks in advance for the help!

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Asked by Tamara Buch on Tue 2/13/24 5:30 PM Last edited Tue 2/13/24 5:30 PM
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Mark Sayers Wed 2/14/24 9:01 AM Last edited Wed 2/14/24 10:24 AM

Hi Tamara,

According to the ticket object API documentation page, the ResponsibleUID is the only property of those three that is editable/usable for creation.

I believe the other two properties allow you to obtain information about the responsible individual if you GET the ticket after its creation.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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Tamara Buch Wed 2/14/24 10:13 AM

Thank you for the clarification, Mark. 

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You are very welcome! - Mark Sayers Wed 2/14/24 10:24 AM