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Query Merged Tickets

How to find merged tickets in TDX? If I know a ticket has been merged, I could search for that ticket in the UI and it would tell me that the ticket had been merged. Is it possible to search for merged tickets using the API?
1 Answer
Sharon Zhu Last activity on 5/16/2023 10:49:49 AM by Mark Sayers

Can we adjust the visible columns of the Asset/CIs tab on Tickets?

Hi Folks,
Our org is just getting started with utilizing the Assets/CIs module within TDNEXT and we're wondering if it is possible to add columns to the Asset/CIs view on tickets. Currently the only ID that shows up is the TDX ID which has n...
1 Answer
Persephone McNair Last activity on 3/29/2023 4:48:32 PM by Mark Sayers

Image pasting not working

I tried to paste an image into a ticket, and get two notifications, one says "file successfully uploaded" but the next says "incorrect server response" and the image doesn't appear. Using the image upload button in the toolbar works. ...
1 Answer
Pamela Jordan Last activity on 3/14/2023 10:25:29 AM by Brittany Renn

Report on people/contacts in tickets

Hi - I am trying to create a report of all contacts associated with tickets that match specific criteria. I can set up "Contact" as something to filter the results by, but I cannot add contacts to the report results. Is there a way to do this? ...
1 Answer
Katie Clark Last activity on 3/14/2023 10:12:17 AM by Mark Sayers

Asset/CI on Ticket Template

Is there a way to to define assets/cis for a ticket template. I know it can be added at the schedule settings, but our users would like to have it applied to a template they will manually apply. I've tried adjusting the form that is used and th...
1 Answer
Bill Harlan Last activity on 2/2/2023 9:28:32 AM by Mark Sayers

raw HTML copied in workflow operations?

Since version 11.5, we have had a workflow that now copies the HTML-ified description of tickets and returns it as raw HTML. I'm not sure how to make it stop doing this, any help would be appreciated.
Example output:
Hello, <br>...
2 Answers
Carly Born Last activity on 2/14/2023 9:51:28 AM by Mark Sayers

Two KB Articles on a Ticket

Does anyone currently have a way they incorporate two KB Articles on a ticket? We are looking for a way to post both an internal facing KB Article with a client facing KB Article on the same ticket. One thought we had was to use the KB Article ...
1 Answer
Nick Pearson Last activity on 9/28/2022 11:43:23 AM by Mark Sayers

Include 'Thank you' button in ticket template that changes status of ticket?

We would like to give our clients a "Thank you, I'm all set!" button in the emails they get from the ticket system that will just ensure that the status of the ticket is closed. Is that possible? We have a number of our people who are very poli...
2 Answers
Carly Born Last activity on 8/23/2022 10:35:42 AM by Carly Born

Creating Ticket Template With Multiple Ticket Tasks

Hi there,
I have yet to find something that directly addresses what I want to do. I assume that I need to use the Workflow function to achieve this, but want to make sure.
When a new tech starts we have to grant them a bunch of accesses. ...
1 Answer
Damon Stennett Last activity on 6/20/2022 1:16:21 PM by Mark Sayers

Asset Application Default Portal

We are in the process of on-boarding our Facilities area and we are looking to add an asset application alongside the ticketing application. Is there a way to have an Asset application to default to a specific application?
1 Answer
Tyler Duncan Last activity on 4/18/2022 3:46:16 PM by Mark Sayers

Audit Log for Viewing Attachments on Tickets

As our organization uses TDX with ePHI bound by HIPAA, we have several protected attributes that we use. But attachments don't seem to have any protection functionality. Is there a way to audit in TDX who viewed or downloaded an attach...
1 Answer
Anthony Nave Last activity on 3/23/2022 9:36:21 AM by Mark Sayers

Automatically Update Ticket Statuses

Is there a way to automatically update the status a ticket upon the ticket being edited in certain ways?
For example, in the department I work in, when we get a new ticket, it comes into TDX as a "New" ticket. I would like the status of the ...
1 Answer
Riley Fay Last activity on 3/18/2022 9:38:55 AM by Mark Sayers

New Ticket Schedule

Does iPaaS support the creation of scheduled tickets? If so, which parameter must be set to enable the scheduled ticket?
1 Answer
Tyler Duncan Last activity on 3/8/2022 10:11:07 AM by Mark Sayers

Restrict technician ability to Create/Set Parent

We have a role for restricted technician that only allows them to update tickets that they are assigned. However, they still have the ability on any ticket to create and set parents (Problem, Change) that they can then cascade updates ...
1 Answer
Anthony Nave Last activity on 3/2/2022 1:08:59 PM by Mark Sayers

Automatically set the Primary Responsibility to Group Manager

When creating a Ticket form, we set a default "Responsible" value to a group, is there also a way to automatically set the "Primary Responsibility" to the manager of the group instead of having that value stay 'Unassigned'?

I would think thi...
1 Answer
Nathan Ignatz Last activity on 2/16/2022 11:19:05 AM by Mark Sayers

Warn of ticket assignment when technician Away/Sick/Etc.

We're trying to find a way to manage our planned and unplanned absenteeism to make sure that urgent tickets don't get assigned to someone who's unavailable.
It appears this is handled quite while within PM, but I can't see to find a way to ha...
1 Answer
Jason Clark Last activity on 2/9/2022 3:13:32 PM by Mark Sayers

Is there a way for a workflow to change who the ticket is assigned to?

I would like for a workflow to change the ticket assignment to an individual or group, based on approval or rejection of a step. Is this possible? I cannot seem to find an obvious option to make this happen. I also cannot find any answ...
1 Answer
Shenandoah Bennett Last activity on 1/26/2022 2:51:44 PM by Mark Sayers

Created from ticket ######

Hi there,
I am seeing tickets that are being created from existing tickets with all the same deatils - carbon copy - when the requester of the original ticket replies to the original ticket. Both the original ticket is being updated with the ...
1 Answer
Damon Stennett Last activity on 9/8/2021 1:15:23 PM by Mark Sayers

Mass Assign or Reassign Tickets

Hi there,
I couldn't find an answer to this.
Is it possible to do a mass re-assignment of tickets?
Scenario: We have a technician who left our employment suddenly and there were a large number of tickets with that technician as the pr...
1 Answer
Damon Stennett Last activity on 9/7/2021 1:57:31 PM by Mark Sayers

Adding Time Types to Ticket Types

I am trying to add time types to ticket types. I have two time types that I want to add to one ticket type for when future tickets are created. I created the two time types (See Time Types screen shot).

When I go to the ticket type to a...
1 Answer
Terri Edney Last activity on 8/6/2021 1:21:06 PM by Mark Sayers

"customer responded" report - exclude system ticket modifications?

I want a report that shows me tickets where a customer has responded (last modified by someone not behind the curtain). I did not see something out of the box, so I created a report. The key filter is "modified by" is not a member of gr...
1 Answer
Greg Van De Mark Last activity on 7/9/2021 12:10:56 PM by Mark Sayers

Reports / Database data


We've had a report generated, where would that data live within the database? I would like to query that data for an external process. If that is not possible, would you know how I would be able to tie an attribute and attribute val...
1 Answer
Alex Haberer Last activity on 5/3/2021 11:24:47 AM by Mark Sayers

Metric for time spent in "In Process" status

Hi there,
I am trying to create a report to track the amount of time a user spent between when the ticket first responded and first resolved. I tried the "Init Respond to Init Resolve (Op)", but that also includes "On Hold"...
1 Answer
Jack Chou Last activity on 3/8/2021 10:04:43 AM by Mark Sayers

Is there a way to report all tickets I'ver modified in a certain amount of time (day, week, etc)?

The report that I've made runs that type of report just fine, but if someone modifies the ticket (even a comment) it no longer shows up in the results. I want to use this to tally total daily touched tickets.
1 Answer
Don Howard Last activity on 2/18/2021 9:06:59 AM by Mark Sayers

Ticket aging report from date in the past

I would like to have a report where I can enter a date in the past and receive the number of tickets that are X number of days old at that date. I can't figure out how to pull this off.
Any ideas?
1 Answer
Tim Lewallen Last activity on 2/11/2021 11:12:23 AM by Mark Sayers

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