TDX, DocuSign, and iPaaS

Hi! Below is a question I asked regarding using to TDX for performance review. While there are other tools made for this, I am stuck with a PDF from HR I must use. So taking into account what was mentioned in the last answer and whatever integration there is between TDX and DocuSign, can an attached pdf form in a ticket be sent to DocuSign for signature?


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Asked by Michael Rodriguez on Mon 1/22/24 7:55 PM Last edited Tue 1/23/24 9:52 AM
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Mark Medaugh Wed 1/24/24 4:37 PM

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the question! Although there's no way to be completely sure of compatibility without having a deeper conversation about specific requirements, inputs, outputs, etc. - based on the general information available, I would say that iPaaS would be able to achieve the desired outcome presented.

Mark Medaugh
Sr. Technical Consultant

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Thank you Mark! This is hopeful. The key to this is...once the final version is uploaded to the ticket, that attached document, from the ticket, is sent to the requestor of the ticket for signature via DocuSign. I need to investigate more. Is there any documentation for this connector to DocuSign? - Michael Rodriguez Thu 1/25/24 8:59 AM
I wouldn't say that there's documentation specific to this particular item necessarily (current documentation is more related to getting the connector up and running as opposed to the different actions on the connector). That being said, and taking into account what seems to be the intended process (i.e., a document goes through some number of revisions, then from your perspective is final and needs to be sent for signature), it would be doable - most likely via a ticketing workflow step (which would require some sort of input to say "yes, this is the final version, send it to the requestor), or alternatively (but less ideally) via a ticket webhook. - Mark Medaugh Mon 2/5/24 5:36 PM

Mark Sayers Wed 1/24/24 4:34 PM

Our iPaaS connector to DocuSign is (generally speaking) able to do this, yes. I think the iPaaS team would need more details about your specific desired flow process to answer more specifically as to how you would set a flow up to do this.



Mark Sayers

Sr Support Consultant, CS

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Thank you Mark. Sounds like it maybe possible. I need to investigate more. - Michael Rodriguez Thu 1/25/24 9:00 AM