With the sandbox refresh is it just ticket data taken from Thursday prior, or all the production configurations as well?


I just had a question about the data that comes across with the sandbox refresh from production. I have read the guidance that the data that is copied across to the sandbox from production is from the Thursday evening before the refresh, but is this just ticket data or any configurations at that point as well?

For example say I make changes to configurations production (ie add a status, make a new workflow, make some new attributes etc) on the Friday or over the weekend will these be copied to the sandbox  at the refresh too or does will I only get what was there on Thursday evening?

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Asked by Samuel Jones on Tue 1/2/24 10:42 PM
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Brittany Renn Wed 1/3/24 9:16 AM

Hi Sam, 

The full production environment is copied over into SB during the refresh. You can find find a full list of impacted features here: 

To add, data for the refresh will be as of 11:30 PM ET the Thursday day prior to the refresh so any data created after that wouldn't be included.

Hope this helps! 

Brittany Renn
TDX Support

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