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Reference table data in script


I have a situation where I have a complex function (such as changing a Letter grade to a GPA) in a auto-filled table. Doing this with built-in steps would be cumbersome. I am able to reference the Table Data, but I am not able to find...
2 Answers
Michael Leys Last activity on 3/20/2024 2:58:41 PM by Mark Sayers

With the sandbox refresh is it just ticket data taken from Thursday prior, or all the production configurations as well?

I just had a question about the data that comes across with the sandbox refresh from production. I have read the guidance that the data that is copied across to the sandbox from production is from the Thursday evening before the refres...
1 Answer
Samuel Jones Last activity on 1/3/2024 9:16:15 AM by Brittany Renn

How to Mass Update Assets Using External Data

I am trying to update over 1,000 computers in TDX assets. I am trying to filter my assets to the desired ones, I want to update. Is there a way that i can Filter the assets compared to extanl data?
For example: I have a excel list of all th...
2 Answers
Mathew Chase Last activity on 12/6/2022 12:44:56 PM by Mathew Chase