"Service request created" fields doubled


I was made of aware that when a user receives a notification via email room and location are doubled. We do not just these fields at all. Where would I edit this?

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Asked by Michael Rodriguez on Wed 11/8/23 10:41 PM
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Mark Sayers Thu 11/9/23 9:40 AM

Hello Michael,

Are these notifications from just general ticket actions, or is there a workflow active on those tickets at all?

Ticketing notification templates are located in TDAdmin > Applications > [your ticket app] > Notification Templates.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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No workflows associated...just email notification when tickets are created. - Michael Rodriguez Thu 11/9/23 11:20 AM
Ok then the location I identified would be where you'd need to look for those templates to see if something odd is included in them. - Mark Sayers Thu 11/9/23 11:24 AM
I just fixed it...Thank you! Very odd that is like that. We did inherit this instance so someone before us could have messed with it. - Michael Rodriguez Thu 11/9/23 11:31 AM