Custom Workflow Notifications for Non-Technicians

Hello, TDX Team:

I am working on a workflow that sends a notification to a hard-coded email address. The built-in notification step on workflows does not allow the addition of specific recipients if they do not have access to the ticketing app, so we created a workflow Web service with the following code to add a ticket comment and notify the hard-coded address:

{"Comments":"From HR Ticket #{{id}} on behalf of {{ReqEmail}}:

Notice: Employee {{EmpName}} (ID: EmpID) will be onboarding on {{EmpDate}} and will require a temporary parking pass.",


I would like to ask if there would be a best way customize the notice so that the email is received with standard text formatting rather than the ticket information contained in the Ticket Comment notification template.

Thank you.

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Asked by Anderson Hanchett on Wed 4/19/23 12:42 PM
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Mark Sayers Wed 4/19/23 1:18 PM

Hello Anderson,

If you use a web service method to produce a Feed post with notification, then it *will* for sure use the Ticket Comment Added notification template version that is most applicable for the recipient addressee (likely the Requestor version of the template).

The contents of the actual comment will be formatted as you've specified in the web service method, however the rest of the template's regular contents will also be included.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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Thank you, Mr. Sayers:

We will need to keep the information in the Ticket Comment Notification template for general tickets, but would there be a workaround to use a custom template or notification? We would prefer to avoid adding the recipient as a technician to the ticketing application.
- Anderson Hanchett Wed 4/19/23 1:31 PM
There aren't any custom templates for ticket notifications that come from a manual post on the feed or a web method that produces a Feed post, no. Your only way to have a totally custom message body is to use the Notification type step (which I know isn't possible for Customers to be notified by that step). You *could* though just create a TDX service account for your hard-coded email address and give it the technician level license or Client license so it can be an eligible Notification step recipient. - Mark Sayers Wed 4/19/23 1:37 PM
Got it. I see where I can add the Client license type. I'll test using the notification step after adding the person record.

Thank you.
- Anderson Hanchett Wed 4/19/23 1:53 PM
One final question:

Is there a way to assign an email address to a service account? This only seems possible for User type accounts.

Thank you.
- Anderson Hanchett Wed 4/19/23 2:25 PM
No, you can only give an Alert/Notification address to a User type person account. - Mark Sayers Wed 4/19/23 2:27 PM