Auto Reply to Requester of Unsuccessful Email Replies

Hi there,

We have an email reply setup and whenever someone emails that address directly to submit a ticket it sends that email into the unsuccessful folder and produces an email regarding the Subject not having a reply token, which is sent to us TDx admins. Currently, we have to manually review each of these notices and manually reply to let the requester know that their email did not create a ticket and point them to the proper method for submitting issues. 

As you can imagine, this presents a number of resource wasting issues.

What do people do to automate this? We are using Outlook 365 and I don't see any way to create a rule to send a canned reply to those people whose emails end up in the unsuccessful folder, which I thought would have been a nice solution. 

Is there a way to let people know that their email was not processed into a ticket from within TDx?



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Asked by Damon Stennett on Mon 2/13/23 4:48 PM
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Mark Sayers Mon 2/13/23 4:53 PM

Hello Damon,

Unfortunately there's just not a great automated way to automate this notification, not unless O365 has a way to send an auto-notice to any email that ends up in a specific folder. I suppose you could write a rule in that Unsuccessful folder that sends a copy of that message over to the email address of your main email monitor for ticket creation so it does at least try to create a ticket.

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