Email notification Image Removal

When receiving an email from the TDX system it comes with an image at the bottom that we would like to remove. I can't find this in the notification template. Is there a setting I need to turn off?

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Asked by Harrison Fleisher on Fri 1/20/23 2:33 PM Last edited Fri 1/20/23 2:33 PM
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Mark Sayers Fri 1/20/23 2:39 PM

Hello Harrison,

I believe what you're looking for is the tracking pixel for notification Footers. Check out the Notification Footer of your ticketing app or in your main Notification Templates area of TDAdmin to see whether or not those footers have the Tracking Pixel enabled.

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Thanks, I knew I had found it earlier but couldn't find it again - Harrison Fleisher Fri 1/20/23 2:58 PM