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I would like to stop Auto-Notifications from reopening a ticket such as an out of office

I would like to stop Auto-Notifications from reopening a ticket such as an out of office. Is there a way to filter incoming messages to stop certain responses from automatically re-opening a ticket.
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Jeff Schilling Last activity on 2/27/2024 9:28:25 AM by Mark Sayers

Disable notifications to Requestor

We are testing a form and flows in iPaaS that create a ticket on a user's behalf. During testing, is there any way to stop the users from receiving notifications for these test tickets?
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Jim Lucas Last activity on 2/13/2024 2:00:11 PM by Mark Sayers

Automatically Notifying a Requestor that a Ticket is On Hold (Awaiting their input)

When we put a ticket on hold awaiting customer/requestor input, can the requestor be notified automatically at certain intervals that the ticket is on hold awaiting their input/response? We are considering creating a new "hold" status of "Waitin...
1 Answer
Greg Dec Last activity on 8/16/2023 8:32:05 AM by David Tod

Workflow Notifications

I created a public form with a work flow to send the requester a notice. When someone that is not logged in to TD creates a ticket, the the notice is being sent to the backup recipient. How can I get the notice to send to the person submitting th...
1 Answer
Alex Oquendo Last activity on 6/1/2023 2:11:44 PM by Mark Sayers

Email notification Image Removal

When receiving an email from the TDX system it comes with an image at the bottom that we would like to remove. I can't find this in the notification template. Is there a setting I need to turn off?
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Harrison Fleisher Last activity on 1/20/2023 2:39:45 PM by Mark Sayers

Pausing Alert / Notifications During Vacation

Hi there,
Trying to see if there is a way for a TDNext user to pause the ticket notification emails sent to them while they are on vacation? So far no luck. What is the recommended process for doing this? Is it controllable by the user or is ...
1 Answer
Damon Stennett Last activity on 10/5/2022 4:32:07 PM by Mark Sayers

Automatically Notify Technicians if Ticket is Canceled


I would like to ask if there is a way to add a particular technician to notifications if tickets are canceled with particular custom attributes selected? Would it be necessary to implement a workflow with notification steps?

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Anderson Hanchett Last activity on 6/21/2022 1:13:46 PM by Mark Sayers