Asset update via Asset Import form- Parent field

I have a user attempting to update multiple Assets using the Asset Import form and we noticed that under the "Parent" field, it will not accept any Name or Service Tag, it will only allow us to use a Serial Number in this field. Is there anyway for us to use a Name or Service Tag for updating the Parent field in an Asset Import? 

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Asked by Tibi Ruiz on Mon 11/14/22 5:10 PM
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Mark Sayers Tue 11/15/22 9:00 AM

Hello Tibi,

Unfortunately that field only supports the Serial Number value. If you'd like you can submit an enhancement to ask for that field to support other values like the Service Tag, but there is good reason not to also support the name because you *can* create assets with similar names, and the system would have no way to know which asset with that name you were trying to pick.

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