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My company moved over to TeamDynamix ticketing system from Web Help Desk recently. I manage/assign my office's ticket queue and one thing I am trying to get to work on this new system is to get my reports to show the latest "comment" in the Feed section of a ticket as a column - just like how I have "title", "description", "date modified" etc. listed as columns for all tickets in my reports. I want to be able to see the latest "comment" (that shows up in the feed of a ticket) for all tickets at a glance when running a report so I don't have to go into each individual ticket to see that.

I've gotten used to building custom reports and have all of the columns I need now except this one. Is it possible in any way?


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Asked by Lou G. on Sat 4/9/22 12:21 AM
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Kelsie Curtis Mon 4/11/22 2:12 PM

Hi Lou, 
Currently feed entries are not able to be included in reports, please feel free to add that as an Enhancement Request here:
I have discussed possible alternative options for this need with the implementation team if you would like to follow up with them to see if one of those might work for you. 

Please let us know if you have further questions,
Implementation Consultant

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Thanks Kelsie - how would I check on those alternative options exactly? - Lou G. Mon 4/11/22 2:35 PM
I've reached out to your organization's implementation Project Manager to help get you in contact with the right person. There are so many areas at your org utilizing the tool, I want to make sure you get the answer that fits into the guidelines your area is setting up. - Kelsie Curtis Tue 4/12/22 12:50 PM