Notification to Users with Same "Reports To" Attrib

Is there a good way to generate a notification via workflow to all users with the same manager (reports to)?

It's easy to send a notification to a user's manager but not the other way around.

Let me know if there is a smart way to do this, maybe even via web service or api.

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Asked by Naomi Langston on Thu 4/7/22 12:53 PM Last edited Thu 4/7/22 12:54 PM
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Mark Sayers Thu 4/7/22 1:29 PM

Hello Naomi,

I can't think of a reliable way to achieve this via web service steps or Notification steps. This is mostly because any searching you might attempt via web service step to find all users with a ReportsToUsername value of X has an unknown number of results, so how do you account for all potential results and attempt to use that in a subsequent step for a notification?

Now I think that iPaaS could achieve it for you, but I'm not sure if your organization has purchased that yet.

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