Who can manage time types on tickets and how broad should time types be?

Having read through the descriptions for permissions in the Security Roles at the organizational and application level, I'm not certain on what triggers the "Manage" button to show up in a ticket's T&E window for adding/removing time types on it. We're looking into rolling out time tracking, but need to understand if techs must manually add time types to every ticket or if having them added automatically by ticket type is the only alternative. With auto-adding by ticket types in mind, I have two questions:

  1. Who can see and use the Manage button to manage time types on a ticket?
  2. Is it better to have more generic time types like "ticket time" and have tickets/tasks assigned to the proper groups/individuals so they can add time? Or is it worth having more granular time types broken down by area of concern/group and allowing techs to add any time and enter time on it on any ticket (more of an honor system).

I'm still trying to wrap my head around what's possible with TDX time tracking, and how it's supposed to be set up. Thank you!

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Asked by Anthony Nave on Thu 1/20/22 4:47 PM
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Mark Sayers Fri 1/21/22 12:09 PM

Hello Anthony,

I'm not 100% sure which one it is, but there are two permissions around editing tickets that I believe control the ability to access the Manage Type Types area you are referring to:

- The user will be able to edit all tickets regardless of type

- The user will be able to edit tickets for which they are primarily responsible

If I had to pick one, the most likely is the first about being able to edit all tickets regardless of type.

Are you seeing users without that permission on their ticketing application security role who can still see that Manage option to edit the time types on tickets?

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Hi Mark,

It looks like those permissions are what control it. In general, if the tech can edit the ticket, they can edit the time types on it. So the second permission restricts to tickets they are assigned, and the first allows managing time types on all tickets from my quick testing.

Lastly, I'm still working out how time tracking is supposed to work in TDX. So I'm curious if we should be having several time types for various areas of concern/departments, or if it should all be entered by the type of work such as "ticket work" or "project work" and then reports generated to track time by tech, by team, etc. It seems that having the latter will be simpler to implement since we can automatically add the general time type to all tickets, whereas the former won't be as straightforward since our ticket types don't line up one-to-one with areas of concern, and we'll rely on techs adding the correct time type to their tickets if needed before adding time.

Thanks for the help!
- Anthony Nave Fri 1/21/22 12:41 PM
Sure, so time types can be tracked either way. We tend to track our time based on what the work was for rather than whether it was just ticket time or project time. But if there's no need for your organization to track that deeply, then the more generic Ticket time vs. Project time would work fine. - Mark Sayers Fri 1/21/22 3:31 PM