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Preventing Invalid Time Entries

Is there any way to prevent invalid time entries from being created? In testing, we have found that people can enter negative time or enter more than 24 hours in a single day.
While I know that the supervisors can reject these time entries, i...
1 Answer
Corrine Knox Last activity on 5/29/2024 10:33:29 AM by Mark Sayers

Actual Times Report

Am I missing something? I can't find priority to add to the columns.
We have a manager who would like to see the priority of each item that has time logged against it so that they can make sure the higher priority things are getting the time ...
1 Answer
Tanya Anderson Last activity on 3/16/2023 10:00:18 AM by Mark Sayers

Who can manage time types on tickets and how broad should time types be?

Having read through the descriptions for permissions in the Security Roles at the organizational and application level, I'm not certain on what triggers the "Manage" button to show up in a ticket's T&E window for adding/removing time types on...
1 Answer
Anthony Nave Last activity on 1/21/2022 12:09:32 PM by Mark Sayers