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Filter by attachment boolean

Is there any way to filter tickets that do or do not have an attachment in a report?
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Derek Hickman Last activity on 5/6/2024 2:04:28 PM by Mark Sayers

Report: Status vs Status Class

When doing a report for closed and resolved tickets, does it matter which one I use? Do I need to include both?
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Michael Rodriguez Last activity on 4/10/2024 9:06:55 AM by Michael Rodriguez

Ticket report for any modifications after certain status

Is there a way to create a ticket report to capture any modifications to a ticket after it has reached a particular status?
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Tanner Grubbs Last activity on 4/10/2024 1:26:53 PM by Brittany Renn

Report on reassigned/transferred tickets.

Hello all!
I have been asked if a report could be created for tickets a particular group has reassigned to others. I took a looks at the filtering list for a ticket report, and nothing jumped out. Does anyone know if this can be done?
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Michael Rodriguez Last activity on 4/8/2024 1:45:09 PM by Brittany Renn

Report filter - Multiple filters with one prompt

Is it possible to create a ticket report that filters on multiple fields but using a single prompt?
For example, I would like a ticket report that searches the title, description, and requester fields for 1 search word.
I know ...
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Joe Rojas Last activity on 3/25/2024 11:24:52 AM by Mark Sayers

Sort/Order tasks report so main task and subtasks are together

I’m building a project task report using the Tasks Report template. I want to sort my report so the subtasks are in order with their main task. Is there a field (or different report template) that will allow me to do this? Is there an identifier ...
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Jodie Alexander Last activity on 3/21/2024 10:09:08 AM by Jodie Alexander

Project Task Status History / Calculating data for Flow Metrics reporting.

Is there a table in the database that stores the history of Project Tasks? I am looking for a way to pull the dates that a status changes for Project Tasks in order to build a Cumulative Flow Diagram for Agile / Scrum metrics in Power Bi. I've ...
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Darin Waldrop Last activity on 2/29/2024 11:11:42 AM by Mark Sayers

Report to Show All of the Tickets a User has been Notified On

Is it possible to create a report that shows a user all of the tickets that they have been notified on (but that they aren't responsible for)? If so, which filters should be used to obtain this information?
We have a lot of front line staff ...
1 Answer
Priscilla Schwartz Last activity on 2/16/2024 9:25:26 AM by Brittany Renn

Project Status Report

Can I run the project status report for an individual plan? I have multiple plans in one project and I would like a similar report to the project status report but broken out by each plan. Alternatively, I would love to move a plan over to a new ...
1 Answer
Steve Pereira Last activity on 1/25/2024 3:41:39 PM by Mark Sayers

Report to pull range value based on current day and Date Picker custom attribute value

We are building a form that prompts a Requestor to input a service date (Anticipated Service Date), via a Date Picker custom attribute, that is sometime in the future.
We’d like to have a report on a desktop to track these that pul...
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Tanner Grubbs Last activity on 1/25/2024 3:27:34 PM by Mark Sayers

Reports not able to filter on custom attributes with dependencies?

I'm trying to create a report for using an onboarding form, and who is requesting hardware, which is done with a custom attribute on that form.
In the report I'm filtering by the form and I would like to also filter out for a selection on tha...
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Nathan Ignatz Last activity on 1/10/2024 10:32:47 AM by Mark Sayers

Filter "System" entries in the modified by report filter

Is it possible to filter out modifications made by the "System" like is possible with the modified by report filter? I would like to make a report that will show my team unassigned tickets that have had client engagement but the system entries ma...
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Andrew Renton Last activity on 10/4/2023 10:44:50 AM by Mark Sayers

Need Scheduled vs Actual Hours Report with correct data

We are in need of a scheduled vs actual report that shows correct data per person. Our department has been entering scheduled and actual time for a month now and we really need a simple way to see how we are doing with that.
Standard repor...
2 Answers
Sarah Glatz Last activity on 8/2/2023 3:17:48 PM by Sarah Glatz

Adding Recent Feed Entry to Ticket Report

I am trying to make a ticket report that will include the most recent item to be added to a tickets feed. For example, In an on hold report, it would be nice to see the most recent item in the feed which would likely be why the ticket was put on ...
1 Answer
Riley Fay Last activity on 8/2/2023 11:39:51 AM by Brittany Renn

Run Report for "My Accomplishments"

Is it possible to run a report to see the "My Accomplishments" for an individual?
1 Answer
Carl Amlin Last activity on 7/26/2023 12:21:44 PM by Brittany Renn

Can I report on tickets "moved to application"

I want some data around how many tickets we end up moving to another application.
Ideally, I would like to know how many tickets are moved from our application to another.
However, I would even be grateful for a method to repo...
1 Answer
Sarah Glatz Last activity on 7/20/2023 3:14:47 PM by Brittany Renn

How to do a report that shows all groups and their members?

Hello there, I was wanting to create or run a report that shows all of the groups a ticket can be assigned to, and who their members are. Can someone help me with how to do this?
1 Answer
Kay Masters Last activity on 6/16/2023 10:01:58 AM by Mark Sayers

Include "Project Template" in Custom Report

I am creating a project report via the Analysis module that shows a project's details. I am unable to locate the field that lists the "Project Template" that was selected for a project. How do I include this information on my report?
1 Answer
Kathryn Robertson Last activity on 6/14/2023 9:10:35 AM by Brittany Renn

Reporting on time it takes to approve a request.

I have a customer asking if they can report on the time it takes for one to approve a ticket in TDX. If you look at workflow history in a ticket, it shows a duration for each step. Can we pull the duration into a report? I can't find what I need ...
1 Answer
David Mitchell Last activity on 6/13/2023 2:38:54 PM by Brittany Renn

Tickets closed by year report

Hi there,
I am trying to create a report that shows us the tickets closed each year but am not finding which option in 'age' works best. Perhaps that is not the route to go.
Does anyone have any suggestions?
Thank you,
1 Answer
Randi Buckley Last activity on 3/13/2023 12:03:10 PM by Greg Van De Mark

Report on people/contacts in tickets

Hi - I am trying to create a report of all contacts associated with tickets that match specific criteria. I can set up "Contact" as something to filter the results by, but I cannot add contacts to the report results. Is there a way to do this? ...
1 Answer
Katie Clark Last activity on 3/14/2023 10:12:17 AM by Mark Sayers

Creating one Report that includes tickets from two applications

I am looking at creating one report that pulls ticket data from two Applications (App 1 & App 2). I have full control over App 2, but limited control over App 1. I tried to create a report in App 2 with the condition that Applicat...
1 Answer
Justin Gonzales Last activity on 2/24/2023 1:28:27 PM by Mark Sayers

changing ticket survey title

I need to make a change to the title of the ticket survey we're using in our main ticketing application. I see that the survey has an ID number, but we can't find anywhere to use that ID instead of the title of the survey. by editing the title of...
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Becky Klein Last activity on 2/13/2023 1:39:18 PM by Mark Sayers

Reporting on Comments & Templates

Is it possible to run a report on KB articles with comments or articles/services that use a specific template that we created?
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Morgan Cranston Last activity on 1/18/2023 9:31:47 AM by Mark Sayers

Creating A Report For Tickets Created After Specific Time

I am attempting to create a report within TDNext that will allow me to view all tickets created after a specific time (4:30pm) in my case. I would like to have the report show all tickets for up to a month.
Does anybody have any ti...
2 Answers
Riley Fay Last activity on 11/16/2022 1:59:05 PM by David Tod