Types of Ticketing Workflow Steps

This article outlines the different types of steps that may be used in ticketing workflows. Each workflow step has a separate article with details of how that step works:

  • Approval Step - The Approval Step allows a workflow to notify one or more approvers and wait for them to decide how the workflow should proceed.
  • Branch Step - The Branch step allows administrators to more easily manage branches in workflows with multiple paths.
  • Choice Step - The Choice step allows a workflow to present a user or group with multiple choices in order to progress through a workflow.
  • Collector Step - The Collector Step joins several paths of a workflow and waits for ALL of the paths preceding it to complete.
  • Condition Step - The Condition Step allows a workflow to automatically route one way or another based on the values on the ticket.
  • TeamDynamix iPaas Step The TeamDynamix iPaaS Step allows those organizations that have configured iPaaS flows integrate a ticketing workflow directly with flows built in the TeamDynamix iPaaS product.
  • Notification Step - The Notification step allows a workflow to automatically notify one or more recipients.
  • Task Step - The Task Step adds a Ticket Task to the ticket, with settings defined in the workflow.
  • Timer Step - The Timer Step causes the workflow to wait until a specified time passes.
  • Web Service Step - The Web Service Step allows organizations to automate processes by calling an external RESTful web service.

For information about how to tie all of these steps together in a workflow, see the Configuring Ticket Workflows article.

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