Troubleshooting Notification Delivery Issues

This how-to article will help users to troubleshoot notification delivery. The user must have Admin access in TDAdmin.


This article outlines a set of preliminary steps to troubleshoot instances when TeamDynamix system notifications failed to deliver to the intended recipients in a timely manner.

The TeamDynamix SaaS hosted applications utilize Amazon SES for all outbound notifications.

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Ensure that the messages are not being sent to the spam, junk, or trash folders in the email account. Oftentimes, a handful of users in an organization will mark messages from TeamDynamix as spam, adding us to an organizational block list for their entire organization. This may cause emails of that nature wind up in spam, junk, or trash folders for everyone in that organization from then on.
  2. Sometimes spam prevention systems flag TeamDynamix emails as spam. This can even happen before emails are delivered to user inboxes and users therefore never see the emails. If this becomes an issue, we recommend marking our domains as non-spam. Our mail domains are:
    • – For emails from our employees.
    • – For emails from the TeamDynamix applications.
  3. If your organization is unable to allow emails based on domain, it is possible to allow mail based on our IP addresses, although it is more difficult. Since TeamDynamix uses Amazon SES as an enterprise SMTP solution, we do not have a dedicated IP address that all mail will come from. You will need to refer to Amazon's documentation using the following articles to allow their SMTP IP ranges. Please note that these are subject to change which is why we instead recommend using the domain if possible.
  4. Ensure that you are checking the correct email address for the notification email. This email address will be specified on your profile settings, which can be viewed by navigating to TDAdmin > Users & Roles > Users > look under the Alert/Notification Email field. All notifications will be sent to this email address. It is possible for users with higher level permissions to change this setting for other users at any time.
  5. If emails are being directed to a distribution list or group, ensure that the settings for the list or group allow emails from non-group members or external senders. If this permission is required but not activated, our emails bounce back as rejected.

If these steps do not bring resolution, please gather the following information, and provide it to TeamDynamix Support via a support ticket:

  • The action(s) generating the notification.
  • Approximate time the notifications were generated.
  • Recipient(s) of the notification.
  • The title or ID of the item from which the notifications were generated.
  • You can submit the request to TeamDynamix Support here.
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