Configuring Desktops in TeamDynamix

The main desktop seen upon logging in to TeamDynamix can modified to display items that are important to you as a user. Additionally, many of the applications within TeamDynamix have a desktop that can be modified, such as the Projects and Tickets application. Follow the steps below to edit any of the desktop areas in TeamDynamix: 

  1. From the main desktop tab or from within a specific application (e.g. Projects), click the "Edit Desktop" button. This will open the desktop configuration window. 

  2. Click on the "Edit Desktop" or "Edit [Application] Desktop" button
  3. From here, the user must select the modules they want to be displayed on the desktop by expanding the appropriate application and dragging desktop module boxes into the desired column.
  4. The user must then click "Save".
  5. Note: It is likely that the "Refresh" button will need to be clicked within the sub-menu in order to view the results of the modified desktop.
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