Getting Started With Workflow Web Services



The video is designed for technical resources to gain introductory knowledge to the TeamDynamix Workflow Web Services highlighted in the Advanced Ticketing Readiness Course. It is also configured during implementation or general configuration.  Content related in the video area available in the Related Articles section of this article's sidebar.

Please Note: To access your API catalog, you will go to (if you are a Vanity URL organization, it will be https://yourVanityURL/TDWebAPI -- ex:
If testing out Workflow Web Services in your Sandbox environment, it is important to add the SB in your API URL. Ex:

Duration: 19 minutes

Presented By: William Cochran, Senior Consultant, TeamDynamix





  • Agenda (00:20)
  • Overview of Workflow Web Services (01:00)
  • How to Create a Service Account (01:58)
  • How to create a Web Service Auth Account and Web Service Provider  (03:43)
  • Overview of Web Service Methods and creation example (05:55)
  • Applying a Workflow Web Service to a Workflow (16:04)
  • Recap (17:25)


Tips and Tricks

  • When creating a Workflow Web Service Body for PATCH or POST, you may come across using these following pieces in your JSON:
    • Angle Brackets: < >
    • Parentheses: ( )
    • Brackets: [ ]
    • Braces: { }
  • When using a Web Service against a Ticket, you always want to double brace the id in the API call. This allows you to use the Web Service against any ticket that it would be appended against in a Ticketing Workflow. 
    • e.g. {{id}} -- think of this as a wild card.
  • The {{id}} along with other {{Parameters}} can also used for Test Request especially if you are testing something out before putting it in a Ticketing Workflow.
  • Note: API Call, Parameters, and Body content are all case-sensitive. Please note the casing of a word or value when creating Workflow Web Services
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