Creating A TeamDynamix Web API Auth Account

This article will walk through the steps on how to create a TeamDynamix Web API Auth Account. This type of Auth Account is used for Workflow Web Services within TeamDynamix ticketing applications. You must be an Application Administrator or a global Administrator to create this. 


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How to Create the TeamDynamix Web API Account

*You must have a Service Account created to setup the TeamDynamix Web API Auth Account. If you do not have one, create one here

  1. In TDAdmin , go to Applications > [Ticketing application] > Workflow Web Services.
  2. Select Web Service Auth Account and +New 
  3. Fill out the Name, Account type will be TeamDynamix Web API 
  4. Leave the radio button marked to Enabled
  5. Enter in the Service Account username and password.
  6. Save


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