Getting Started with My Work

This getting started article will help users understand how to use My Work to get an overview of work assigned to them using TDNext. The user must have access to the My Work application in TDNext.


The My Work application aggregates information from many parts of the TeamDynamix system. It gives TDNext users who are performing the work a single place to view of all items that are considered their work. This includes assigned tickets, tasks, issues, approvals, and other work items and project work.

Pieces of work that are updated or marked as complete in My Work reflect those changes in the related parts of the system in the same way as if you’d made the updates there. They also appear in the project manager’s views as having been updated or completed.

Menu items that appear in the navigation vary, depending on the user’s role.


  • My Work – Acts as an active queue for the items you are working on now. Items are added to My Work by moving them from My Assignments.
  • My Assignments – Any incomplete work that’s been assigned to you and has not been added to My Work will appear here. You will also see work assigned to any groups you are part of. Moving things to My Work from My Assignments is not required, but if you have a long list of assignments, moving the items you are working on now allows you to find them and focus on them more easily.
  • My Approvals – Work items that have a workflow step awaiting the current user's approval. A Portfolio Planning user may view all the project requests that are waiting for them to approve a workflow step or to be assigned to a workflow.
  • My Accomplishments – Work items marked as completed appear here.
  • My Managed Projects – Mirrors what appears in TDNext > Applications menu > Projects > Manage Projects.
  • My Time Card – Workers who record time via the time and expense application can quickly enter workspace-level time here. It will display items which the user has added to their My Work list which are not complete, active workspaces that the user is a part of with at least one active time type, and items which already have time associated with them.
  • My Schedule – A list of all project/workspace scheduled hours for the next 365 business days starting grouped by month.
  • My Feed – Your feed displays chronologically the activities that have occurred on work items that pertain to you.
  • My Briefcase – A link that opens the Briefcase, which shows all documents that are attached to projects you are a part of.
  • My Calendar – A link that opens the Calendar.

Where to Find This

This application and all its features appear in the TDNext interface.

Navigate to the My Work application following this path:

  1. TDNext > Application menu > My Work

Where to Start

Since My Work is primarily meant as an efficient way for a user to see information about their work, there are only a few things that can be modified from within the application.

Adding Items to My Work Queue

  1. Navigate to My Work > My Assignments or My Work > My Approvals
  2. If you want to group, sort, or filter the work items by project, use the drop-down and checkbox fields at the top
  3. In the list of work items, click the green + My Work link below the item you want to move
  4. Go to My Work > My Work to see the item in your active work queue
  5. If it does not appear, click Refresh

Note: When an item is removed from My Work, it will return to the list it came from, either My Assignments or My Approvals.

Adding Events and Issues

Calendar events and issues can be added to a project or workspace from within the My Work application.

To add an event:

  1. Click the + New link in the sub-navigation, and select Event
  2. In the pop-up window, follow the instructions in this article for Creating Events
  3. Click My Calendar to view the new event

To add an issue:

  1. Click the + New link in the sub-navigation, and select Issue
  2. In the pop-up window, follow the instructions in this article for Creating a New Issue
  3. To view the new issue:
    • If you assigned the new issue to someone other than yourself, or left the Responsible field Unassigned, click View the issue you just created
    • If you assigned the new issue to yourself click Close this window, then click My Assignments

Editing My Time Card

Time entry can be added to work items from the My Work application.

The time care is displayed in a week view. The work items that show on the time card are either, those items that have already had time assigned in the viewed time period, or are items which the user is assigned to. Users can still enter time against items in the Time & Expenses application as well.

My Assignments

In the side navigation the My Assignments section will show an inclusive count of items assigned to a user within any project or ticketing application, regardless of their permission to access said ticketing application/work item. This counter is not "live", meaning if a work item is updated to be closed or completed, that number does not change automatically. It only adjusts after a page refresh, Therefore a reload of the My Work page is needed to see the assignments sidebar counter match what appears on the page's count if you have completed items that were on your list.

The note about access to other ticketing items is fairly important as well, because it can cause what seems like a discrepancy to the user in the number of items in the counter vs what they can see with all options checked on the page. Be sure that items assigned to a person, or groups they are in, are in an application they have access to if you need them to be able to do work for that item. Should this become an issue for you or your organization, you can do one of the following to correct it:

  1. Remove the user from the group in question: causes the item to drop off of the sidebar counter
  2. Remove the group they are in from being responsible for the ticket: causes the item to drop from the sidebar counter
  3. Give the user access to the ticketing application in question, if needed, so they can see and interact with the ticket from My Assignments

Gotchas & Pitfalls

  • Click Refresh in the application after selecting + My Work on an item to move it from the My Assignments section to the My Work section


  • When a TDNext user is ready to begin work, they open the My Work application. They usually open My Assignments to see anything new that might need immediate attention and add it to My Work. They do the same on My Approvals. Then, they go to My Work to see what they were working on, and any of the new work items that need to be resolved.
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