How to Access a Ticketing Application as an Application Administrator


Below are step by step instruction on how to access the Admin console view of a Ticketing application. This is applicable for those who are Application Administrators of a Ticketing application.

Accessing the Admin view of your Ticketing application

  1. Go to your TeamDynamix domain URL, and sign into TeamDynamix.
  2. Ensure you are in the TDNext interface.
  3. Select the application icon (waffle icon) in the upper left, and select [your ticketing application]
  4. On the far right of your ticketing application, once you select "Tickets" on the left navigation menu, click on the gear icon of the far right, and Admin will appear at the top of the drop down list. Choose Admin. This will bring you into the Administrator view of your ticketing application.
  5. If needed, you can bookmark that URL (It will open in a new tab) to use for future use. Be sure to test out the bookmarked URL to ensure you can get into the App Admin view of the ticketing app. Keep in mind, if not logged in yet into TeamDynamix, you may be prompted to log in again.
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