Configuring Email Monitors

This how-to article will help Administrators to setup and configure Email Monitors using the TDAdmin interface. The user must be an Administrator in TDAdmin.


This article describes how to configure email monitors in TeamDynamix. Multiple email monitors can be configured in each Ticketing Application. The system will read emails from each configured email address and process them as new tickets in the Application where the email monitor is defined.

For more information on setting up the email service, see the Getting Started with Email Service article. 

Connecting to an Email Account

To configure an email monitor: 

  • In TDAdmin, go to Applications > [Ticketing Application] > Email > Email Monitors.
  1. Click the +New button to create a new email monitor.
  2. Fill in the required fields as follows:
    • Check the Active checkbox. 
    • Select a Name for the email monitor. 
    • Select an auth account from the Auth Account dropdown.
    • Fill in the Monitored Folder Name, Processed Folder Name and Unsuccessful Folder Name fields.
      • Emails will be read from the Monitored folder and moved to Processed if successfully processed, or Unsuccessful if an error occurs
        • If your Processed or Unsuccessful folders are nested inside other folders like the Inbox, please provide the full folder path in the monitor field for that folder, like so:
          - Inbox/Processed
          - Inbox/Unsuccessful
    • Enter an Error To Email that will be notified if the email service errors. 
    • Fill in the TD Username and TD Password fields for the TeamDynamix account that the email service will use. 
  3. Select the remaining optional processing settings as desired.
  4. Click the Save button. The email reply monitor will now begin processing replies.

Setting Up Email Monitor Rules

To create tickets, you'll need to also configure email monitor rules. Rules determine which emails generate a ticket and the specific details of the ticket upon creation.

To set up email monitor rules: 

  1. In TDAdmin, go to Applications > [Ticketing Application] > Email > Email Monitors.
  2. On the Email Monitor details page, click the Rules tab. 
  3. Click the +New button to create a new rule. 
  4. Enter a Name for the rule. 
  5. In the Contains field, select what the rule will search for.
    • The rule will only apply if this value is found in the email subject. If this is blank, the rule will apply to all emails. 
    • It is recommended that there be a blank rule which applies to all emails that don't meet any other rule. This should be the last applied rule. 
  6. Fill in any of the Ticket Profile fields which will apply to the ticket created by the email monitor. 
  7. Click the Save button. 

Gotchas & Pitfalls

  • Prior to configuring an email monitor, ensure that an Email Auth Account is setup first.
  • When configuring the email reply service, ensure that a TD user has been created before you begin this configuration as it is a required field.  It is recommended this is a generic user account used only for email services to easily identify new tickets.
  • When multiple rules are in place, the order of the rules on the page is the order in which rules are applied to emails.  Once a match is found, a ticket will be created with that rules settings. In the case of multiple rule matches, the first rule that matches will be applied to create the ticket.
  • Email monitoring is not supported in the Sandbox environment.


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